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Thank you for your interest in being part of Palestine Community Theatre. All auditions are open to anyone in our community and surrounding areas, require no previous experience to participate, and are held at the Texas Theatre, 213 W. Crawford St., Palestine, unless otherwise indicated.


“Gift of the Magi: The Musical”
Performances will be Dec. 14-16


 “Gilligan’s Island: The Musical”

 Auditions will be Sat., Jan. 12, at 10 AM

Roles available for 3 Females & 5 Males.

This is a musical based on the acclaimed TV show by the same name about that doomed, 3-hour tour and the adventures of the castaways and their efforts to escape the island.

Music from the show can be heard at

The script can be read here:

Performances will be Mar. 29-31 & Apr. 5-7


 “My Son Pinocchio: Geppetto’s Musical Tale”

 Auditions will be Sat., June 1, at 10 AM

MANY roles available for people ages 8 and up. Scenes including families.

This is a musical based on the classic story of the marionette-turned-real boy, Pinocchio, told from the perspective of his father. More detailed information on audition preparation can be obtained by emailing

Performances will be July 26-28 & Aug. 2-4


“Blithe Spirit”

 Auditions will be Sat., Aug. 17, at 10 AM

Roles available for 5 Females & 2 Males.

This is a comedy. A synopsis, plot, and other information can be found at

Performances will be Oct. 18-20 & 25-27


Below are things that may be helpful to know and understand before you audition:

Come prepared for what you want to achieve . . .

  • Is it a musical?
    • Prepare a 16 to 32 bar selection from a song. Songs should be comparable to the style of music in the show for which you are auditioning, typically from the musical theatre genre, but do not necessarily have to be from the show itself.
    • We do not always have an accompanist available for auditions, but mp3 files can be played from a phone or other device, or CD accompaniment tracks may be used. An upright piano is present, and if you can accompany yourself, you are welcome to do so.
  • If you desire a certain role, research that character, the show, the music, the setting, etc. BE that character, including any accent that might be desired, when reading AND when singing, whatever is applicable to the audition and that character.
  • If you have no particular role for which you are auditioning and simply want to be part of the show, whether backstage or onstage, complete the audition form and join us. We are always looking for volunteers and new faces. You never know, you might come thinking you’ll just be in the chorus and end up with a leading role.
  • Typical auditions will include some type of reading from the script, to be chosen by the Director, and musicals will require singing (see above). Readings are usually a cold read, meaning you have not seen the selection prior to arriving; however, if you truly want a role and have access to a script before auditions, by all means, study it.
  • NOTE: The Director chooses what is needed at an audition based on the show, individuals auditioning, and any other factors they believe need to be considered and makes ALL final casting decisions. Not everyone who auditions is guaranteed a part in the production or the specific role for which they auditioned. Space backstage is limited.
  • Though the minimum age of cast members is somewhat flexible depending on the show, generally PCT asks for children to be no younger than 8 years old, sometimes 10, and able to sit quietly for extended periods of time; however, this is decided by each Director and what is called for in the show, so please check the specific show for that announcement.
  • PCT does not charge participation fees, so ALL cast members and crew are expected to help construct sets, when necessary, and to provide their own costume(s) (unless we are renting, then we ask you to get a costume sponsor) and small props. However, if money is a factor in whether you participate or not, please do not let it hinder you. We will help those who need it.
  • As an entity known for producing quality, family-friendly shows, we ask a lot of our volunteers/participants, but the results are something of which you will be proud. Our typical rehearsal schedule is:
    • Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays: 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. (later as performance dates approach)
    • Sundays: 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. (later as performance dates approach)
    • Saturday mornings are set aside for set construction and, for musicals, choreography. Once the set is complete and/or all dances are learned, Saturdays are free.
  • Shows are normally blocked (when the Director tells you when and where to be on the stage) by scene or script pages, so not all cast members will be needed at all rehearsals for some productions. The Director will give and/or post a show-specific rehearsal schedule once auditions are complete.
  • CHECK the posted Cast List.
    • The Director will tell you when the Cast List will be posted. It will be posted on Facebook and on the front door of the Texas Theatre.
    • If, once you see the role you have been given, you choose not to participate, you should let the Director know so they can make adjustments.
  • Information on the first rehearsal will be posted with the Cast List. Make sure you are present for this rehearsal to receive your script and other relative information.

As they say in showbiz, “Break a leg!”

Link to Audition Form to be completed and brought to audition

Audition Form

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Palestine Community Theatre is a non-profit organization. Donations are tax deductible.

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